Dienstag, 10. April 2012

The world's coolest condom !

Many people have asked us: what is the coolest condom?

One condom that has raised bars and draws loads of attention is the Durex Performa. It is like Shell's V-Power. The Durex Performa is the king of high performance condoms. With its special lubricant it helps you last longer. And it does deliver. Sex with it is unbelievable but at the same time it is so over-powered it might not be the right thing for a longer relationship.

Although the Condom Advisor loves the Durex Performa and always recommends it as a great entry condom, particularly if you are new with your partner as it lives up to its expectation, we feel there are cooler condoms out there.

It would be too easy for us to just go by facts. Literally the coolest condom is the Vitalis cooling condom.

It has a specially cooling lubricant, so even if it gets very steamy in the bedroom and your high frequency penetration generates heat, heat and sex on fire it actually keeps you and your partner cool. So don't worry about too much power, you won't smell burnt rubber in this case. It'll all be just fine.

Quite a fun condom. And certainly worth checking out. In fact, starting off with the Durex Performa and then cooling down with the Vitalis cooling condom for the second act is a great and fun combination we can only recommend.

But what really is the world's coolest condom then?

The Condom Advisor loves all things out of the ordinary and therefore there can be only one winner:

The world's coolest condom clearly is the Vitalis Glow in the dark condom range.

The Vitalis glow in the dark condoms have never failed to impress. They are just so totally different and crazy that of course they are the coolest.

If you ever want fun in the bed before, while and after, try these out. But beware your girl might laugh out loudly first when she sees these condoms. It's not about your penis size, it really is the glowing effect that will make her laugh. And what better than having a bit of fun even before?

Try it out. Which of them is your favourite?

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