Sonntag, 8. April 2012

Made to measure condoms guarantee the best fit and protection

My.Size condoms - made to measure condoms to fit you!

Many guys have the same issue: they don't find the right condom for them. Reasons might be: the condom is too tight, the condom is too lose. In any case, if the condom does not fit, sex is no fun at all. And furthermore it is risky having sex without proper protection. The condom may slip, it may break and you are exposed to serious health risks. Unwanted pregnancy might be another issue you may find yourself with. 

These are risks people should not take. It is important to stay safe when having sex. Sexual diseases can spread quickly and their consequences are dire. Sometimes they may take months to cure or they are even lethal as in the case of HIV. Therefore a very simple and good way of protection is using condoms. Condoms and their added safety benefits and helps guys and girls. They are light and easy to carry and at the same time quickly to apply. Although they are so simple, they are a very good means of protection. And they are even better when they fit.

If you want to find out how to use and apply condoms, just head to our How to section and get the full detail. It is really simple, no reason not to use condoms.

But it is also easy to wear the perfect, the fitted-condom!

Simply find out the size of your penis. 

To do so, just download our Man o Meter or watch our videos in the video channel above describing in detail how you can find out your penis size quickly and reliably. It actually even is a bit of fun. And yes, pretty much all guys do know the size of their penis... so why shouldn't you know it ?

Never let a condom cause you having bad sex!

It's a bad excuse not to use a condom because it does not fit or harm the great sex you are anticipating. In fact, with the right fitted condom there is almost no difference to not wearing any and you can enjoy the best part of the day at easy without worrying about diseases or other consequences.

If you already know your size, then simply head to the condom selection tool on

Or just go straight to the My.Size shop, where we virtually stock any of the great fitted My.Size condoms:

By the way. My.Size condoms now not just come in a variety of sizes that will most certainly fit you, but they do also come in packages containing the right amount of condoms for you.

Our largest package now contains 36 condoms and should bring you well through the week ;-)    Stay safe when having fun!

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