Montag, 9. April 2012

In bed with Kezia - the importance of safe sex !!

The Condom Advisor is very proud to announce: Yes, we had the unbelievable and very rare opportunity to interview Kezia Noble, the world renowned, famous and lovely pick-up coach.

Oh and it wouldn't be true Condom Advisor style if we didn't choose to hold the interview in bed. It sets the scene, it clearly shows the goal that this is all about: getting your partner into bed. Kezia will help you get there, and not just you, but you with your partner. And we of course will tell you which condom to use when you are finally there and decide to have sex!

But first things first: Kezia took time to talk with the condom advisor about her career, how she became involved in being a pick-up coach, how she developed her unique style of teaching guys and girls the art of pick-up and how she now reached the top of the community to become the world's leading female pick-up coach!

But not just that, she also expressed what makes her and her method of teaching unique. She takes each student individually, analyses their approach and interaction with the opposite sex. Can the students hold a conversation, how is their body language, do they hold simple eye contact? What do they talk about? Kezia will provide honest and valueable feedback that the students so desperately need to actually improve and progress. This is true for any level, for guys scared of their first contact and interaction with women or even semi-professionals who already consider themselves quite knowledgeable.

The Condom Advisor was very much impressed by Kezia, her open and friendly attitude and insights into the art of teaching pick-up and the students needs and problems. And yes, of course, Kezia is a stunner.

Kezia is a great coach and of course the coach you want to choose when learning pick-up. Why wouldn't you choose anyone but a great, amazing looking, outspoken girl when learning about the interaction with girls anyways? 

So if you are not sure why you would need condoms, then it is time to change your sad life into one of fun, don't you think? Go and find the right partner for you and make sure you can actually impress and connect with them. Kezia will help you achieve that.

Our best advice on pick-up: Choose a bootcamp with Kezia now. It will most certainly change your life.

You can also check-out her blog which gives you expert advice and training on how to improve your game and get the girls or guys you really want. To talk and hopefully for more! We are already big fans of Kezia Noble's blog and training and can only encourage you to check it out.

And then there is one more thing that is really, really worthwhile reading: Her book ! The Noble Art of Seducing Women! ... and after you read that, come back here to check for the right fitted condom for you. Remember to stay safe!

So with all the information you have no excuse anymore not to go and improve your lifestyle now! Go, get the right partner, have fun, the best sex of your life and remember to stay safe at all times.

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