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How to measure your penis - the man o meter explained !


How big is my penis?

A question many guys wonder. And obviously a question that intrigues many girls too. It seems all that counts is size! And yes, size is very important - but not in the way you may think. The truth is: there is a reason why one should know! And that's simply to find your right sized condom, the right protection. Or would you buy and wear a pair of shoes that is not the right shape and size for you? Obviously you wouldn't, it's not comfortable and in this case not even save.

Protection of sexual diseases is no joke. It is serious! That's why we take it serious too and came up with a range of different sized condoms to insure the best possible fit and comfort.

Condoms that do come in different sizes are the range of My.Size condoms.

All you need to do is try and download our Man o Meter !!
With this specifically designed ruler you can quickly and easily measure the size of your penis. As you can see from the video measuring your penis is really simple with this ruler. You just have to follow 4 simple steps: 1) download it, 2) print it, 3) cut it out and finally 4) wrap it around your penis to find out what size you are!
Ones you have found your size and number, just go to the online shop, order some My.Size condoms and test them against the normal condoms you are wearing. You will feel the difference, no doubt!

The number code simply equates to the girth or your penis, and you will find it again on the packages of the My.Size condoms.

If you are interested in the details - the translation is as follows:

Penisextent  or girth in cm 9,5-10,0 10,0-11,0 11,0-11,5 11,5-12,0 12,0-13,0 13,0-14,0 14,0-15,0
My.Size number 47 49 53 57 60 64 69

The number is clearly highlighted on the package. As you can see from the image below, it is the large one in yellow! In this case a package containing My.size condoms for size 47!

Try it out. It is much saver and more comfortable than you think. And yes, it is also some fun trying it out. As with everything there is no right or wrong, but one thing is for sure, don't take protection easily, take it serious.

And if you are not sure about My.Size condoms, why not try any other of the major brands that you can find in the online shop.  Have fun testing the huge variety of condoms you will find.

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