Dienstag, 17. April 2012

The condom advisor goes dating on cupidsoflondon.com!

Find the right partner now!

Singles, join us in scooping the web for the right partner on www.cupidsoflondon.com

With www.cupidsoflondon.com and the great world of online dating just one mouse click away, the condom advisor has now any reason to reach out for some condoms... because we can proudly say we have joined up. www.cupidsoflondon.com is just a great dating website!! And yes, with our learned skills and rightly equipped with the right safety pack we feel this will be a great success!

Cupids of London is not just about online dating, it is also about the actual real life experience of meeting great people, finding the right partner and not least having loads of fun on the way. And meeting real people that is what we are all about, so a logical step in our evolvement !

But step by step. Here is what the Condom Advisor has taught you so far:

3.  what the coolest condom really is (after all you do want to impress that girl on the first date out)

4.  if and how you can pull if you meet the right partner with the help of Kezia Noble !

5.  and now with www.cupidsoflondon.com how you can actually find the right partner!!

This is why the Condom Advisor is truely proud to announce that we are now also sponsors of cupids of london - the singles network. Please see www.cupidsoflondon.com 

You never had a better online dating experience than this. And even better than that there are regular high caliber single parties all over London with singles out to date and find the right partner! 

Why are we convinced that the guys from cupids really do attract the right crowd and are able to run and host a party in the real world?

Simple, we have heard on the grapevine that the boys from Sincura are involved. Now for those of you who do not know. Sincura is the best high-class concierge service in London. These guys know how to do it and run the largest parties for celebrities, media figures and high spenders. So be sure not to miss any of the real-life events. You will love it. Try it!

 And there is one more thing the condom advisor can give you, to find no excuses anymore of why you are single! 

Join the online dating revolution on www.cupidsoflondon.com with 50% discounted membership !! Just take our promotional code!

Chat and flirt with hundreds of other singles online on the internet, attend free events at leading london hotspots, and receive your own concierge with everything from tickets to exclusive events to VIP access at clubs and restaurants, 24 hour alcohol delivery, to health, beauty and fashion discounts.

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