Dienstag, 17. April 2012

The condom advisor goes dating on cupidsoflondon.com!

Find the right partner now!

Singles, join us in scooping the web for the right partner on www.cupidsoflondon.com

With www.cupidsoflondon.com and the great world of online dating just one mouse click away, the condom advisor has now any reason to reach out for some condoms... because we can proudly say we have joined up. www.cupidsoflondon.com is just a great dating website!! And yes, with our learned skills and rightly equipped with the right safety pack we feel this will be a great success!

Cupids of London is not just about online dating, it is also about the actual real life experience of meeting great people, finding the right partner and not least having loads of fun on the way. And meeting real people that is what we are all about, so a logical step in our evolvement !

But step by step. Here is what the Condom Advisor has taught you so far:

3.  what the coolest condom really is (after all you do want to impress that girl on the first date out)

4.  if and how you can pull if you meet the right partner with the help of Kezia Noble !

5.  and now with www.cupidsoflondon.com how you can actually find the right partner!!

This is why the Condom Advisor is truely proud to announce that we are now also sponsors of cupids of london - the singles network. Please see www.cupidsoflondon.com 

You never had a better online dating experience than this. And even better than that there are regular high caliber single parties all over London with singles out to date and find the right partner! 

Why are we convinced that the guys from cupids really do attract the right crowd and are able to run and host a party in the real world?

Simple, we have heard on the grapevine that the boys from Sincura are involved. Now for those of you who do not know. Sincura is the best high-class concierge service in London. These guys know how to do it and run the largest parties for celebrities, media figures and high spenders. So be sure not to miss any of the real-life events. You will love it. Try it!

 And there is one more thing the condom advisor can give you, to find no excuses anymore of why you are single! 

Join the online dating revolution on www.cupidsoflondon.com with 50% discounted membership !! Just take our promotional code!

Chat and flirt with hundreds of other singles online on the internet, attend free events at leading london hotspots, and receive your own concierge with everything from tickets to exclusive events to VIP access at clubs and restaurants, 24 hour alcohol delivery, to health, beauty and fashion discounts.

Dienstag, 10. April 2012

The world's coolest condom !

Many people have asked us: what is the coolest condom?

One condom that has raised bars and draws loads of attention is the Durex Performa. It is like Shell's V-Power. The Durex Performa is the king of high performance condoms. With its special lubricant it helps you last longer. And it does deliver. Sex with it is unbelievable but at the same time it is so over-powered it might not be the right thing for a longer relationship.

Although the Condom Advisor loves the Durex Performa and always recommends it as a great entry condom, particularly if you are new with your partner as it lives up to its expectation, we feel there are cooler condoms out there.

It would be too easy for us to just go by facts. Literally the coolest condom is the Vitalis cooling condom.

It has a specially cooling lubricant, so even if it gets very steamy in the bedroom and your high frequency penetration generates heat, heat and sex on fire it actually keeps you and your partner cool. So don't worry about too much power, you won't smell burnt rubber in this case. It'll all be just fine.

Quite a fun condom. And certainly worth checking out. In fact, starting off with the Durex Performa and then cooling down with the Vitalis cooling condom for the second act is a great and fun combination we can only recommend.

But what really is the world's coolest condom then?

The Condom Advisor loves all things out of the ordinary and therefore there can be only one winner:

The world's coolest condom clearly is the Vitalis Glow in the dark condom range.

The Vitalis glow in the dark condoms have never failed to impress. They are just so totally different and crazy that of course they are the coolest.

If you ever want fun in the bed before, while and after, try these out. But beware your girl might laugh out loudly first when she sees these condoms. It's not about your penis size, it really is the glowing effect that will make her laugh. And what better than having a bit of fun even before?

Try it out. Which of them is your favourite?

Montag, 9. April 2012

In bed with Kezia - the importance of safe sex !!

The Condom Advisor is very proud to announce: Yes, we had the unbelievable and very rare opportunity to interview Kezia Noble, the world renowned, famous and lovely pick-up coach.

Oh and it wouldn't be true Condom Advisor style if we didn't choose to hold the interview in bed. It sets the scene, it clearly shows the goal that this is all about: getting your partner into bed. Kezia will help you get there, and not just you, but you with your partner. And we of course will tell you which condom to use when you are finally there and decide to have sex!

But first things first: Kezia took time to talk with the condom advisor about her career, how she became involved in being a pick-up coach, how she developed her unique style of teaching guys and girls the art of pick-up and how she now reached the top of the community to become the world's leading female pick-up coach!

But not just that, she also expressed what makes her and her method of teaching unique. She takes each student individually, analyses their approach and interaction with the opposite sex. Can the students hold a conversation, how is their body language, do they hold simple eye contact? What do they talk about? Kezia will provide honest and valueable feedback that the students so desperately need to actually improve and progress. This is true for any level, for guys scared of their first contact and interaction with women or even semi-professionals who already consider themselves quite knowledgeable.

The Condom Advisor was very much impressed by Kezia, her open and friendly attitude and insights into the art of teaching pick-up and the students needs and problems. And yes, of course, Kezia is a stunner.

Kezia is a great coach and of course the coach you want to choose when learning pick-up. Why wouldn't you choose anyone but a great, amazing looking, outspoken girl when learning about the interaction with girls anyways? 

So if you are not sure why you would need condoms, then it is time to change your sad life into one of fun, don't you think? Go and find the right partner for you and make sure you can actually impress and connect with them. Kezia will help you achieve that.

Our best advice on pick-up: Choose a bootcamp with Kezia now. It will most certainly change your life.

You can also check-out her blog which gives you expert advice and training on how to improve your game and get the girls or guys you really want. To talk and hopefully for more! We are already big fans of Kezia Noble's blog and training and can only encourage you to check it out.

And then there is one more thing that is really, really worthwhile reading: Her book ! The Noble Art of Seducing Women! ... and after you read that, come back here to check for the right fitted condom for you. Remember to stay safe!

So with all the information you have no excuse anymore not to go and improve your lifestyle now! Go, get the right partner, have fun, the best sex of your life and remember to stay safe at all times.

In bed with Kezia - the condom advisor learns about pick up

Sonntag, 8. April 2012

Made to measure condoms guarantee the best fit and protection

My.Size condoms - made to measure condoms to fit you!

Many guys have the same issue: they don't find the right condom for them. Reasons might be: the condom is too tight, the condom is too lose. In any case, if the condom does not fit, sex is no fun at all. And furthermore it is risky having sex without proper protection. The condom may slip, it may break and you are exposed to serious health risks. Unwanted pregnancy might be another issue you may find yourself with. 

These are risks people should not take. It is important to stay safe when having sex. Sexual diseases can spread quickly and their consequences are dire. Sometimes they may take months to cure or they are even lethal as in the case of HIV. Therefore a very simple and good way of protection is using condoms. Condoms and their added safety benefits and helps guys and girls. They are light and easy to carry and at the same time quickly to apply. Although they are so simple, they are a very good means of protection. And they are even better when they fit.

If you want to find out how to use and apply condoms, just head to our How to section and get the full detail. It is really simple, no reason not to use condoms.

But it is also easy to wear the perfect, the fitted-condom!

Simply find out the size of your penis. 

To do so, just download our Man o Meter or watch our videos in the video channel above describing in detail how you can find out your penis size quickly and reliably. It actually even is a bit of fun. And yes, pretty much all guys do know the size of their penis... so why shouldn't you know it ?

Never let a condom cause you having bad sex!

It's a bad excuse not to use a condom because it does not fit or harm the great sex you are anticipating. In fact, with the right fitted condom there is almost no difference to not wearing any and you can enjoy the best part of the day at easy without worrying about diseases or other consequences.

If you already know your size, then simply head to the condom selection tool on www.vinico.co.uk

Or just go straight to the My.Size shop, where we virtually stock any of the great fitted My.Size condoms:

By the way. My.Size condoms now not just come in a variety of sizes that will most certainly fit you, but they do also come in packages containing the right amount of condoms for you.

Our largest package now contains 36 condoms and should bring you well through the week ;-)    Stay safe when having fun!

Samstag, 7. April 2012

How important is the penis size? Size - size - size all that counts for us!

The condom advisor interviews the guide to sexual misery!!

How can I earn money, selling condoms??

Well guys, some amazing news, the condom advisor has now teamed up with www.vinico.co.uk and clixgalore.co.uk to allow you to earn MONEY by becoming a condom affiliate!!

It is easy for you monetising your website, just become an affiliate of us!

We made it as easy as possible for you. And it's easier than you think. Just register your interest on clixgalore.co.uk, sign up to become a merchand for www.vinico.co.uk, place a banner and link onto your website and as soon as any of your readers follows the link, purchases condoms from www.vinico.co.uk you will earn commissions!

Couldn't be any easier to make money selling condoms, protecting the world, couldn't ?

You will make money while others sleep!! Couldn't be any better, could it!

One of the largest condom selections on the web

So, just follow the link, sign-up and spread the message how important it is to use the right-sized condoms!

Here are the links and banners that we currently offer. Hope you llike them:

How to measure your penis - the man o meter explained !


How big is my penis?

A question many guys wonder. And obviously a question that intrigues many girls too. It seems all that counts is size! And yes, size is very important - but not in the way you may think. The truth is: there is a reason why one should know! And that's simply to find your right sized condom, the right protection. Or would you buy and wear a pair of shoes that is not the right shape and size for you? Obviously you wouldn't, it's not comfortable and in this case not even save.

Protection of sexual diseases is no joke. It is serious! That's why we take it serious too and came up with a range of different sized condoms to insure the best possible fit and comfort.

Condoms that do come in different sizes are the range of My.Size condoms.

All you need to do is try and download our Man o Meter !!
With this specifically designed ruler you can quickly and easily measure the size of your penis. As you can see from the video measuring your penis is really simple with this ruler. You just have to follow 4 simple steps: 1) download it, 2) print it, 3) cut it out and finally 4) wrap it around your penis to find out what size you are!
Ones you have found your size and number, just go to the online shop, order some My.Size condoms and test them against the normal condoms you are wearing. You will feel the difference, no doubt!

The number code simply equates to the girth or your penis, and you will find it again on the packages of the My.Size condoms.

If you are interested in the details - the translation is as follows:

Penisextent  or girth in cm 9,5-10,0 10,0-11,0 11,0-11,5 11,5-12,0 12,0-13,0 13,0-14,0 14,0-15,0
My.Size number 47 49 53 57 60 64 69

The number is clearly highlighted on the package. As you can see from the image below, it is the large one in yellow! In this case a package containing My.size condoms for size 47!

Try it out. It is much saver and more comfortable than you think. And yes, it is also some fun trying it out. As with everything there is no right or wrong, but one thing is for sure, don't take protection easily, take it serious.

And if you are not sure about My.Size condoms, why not try any other of the major brands that you can find in the online shop.  Have fun testing the huge variety of condoms you will find.