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Is sex better with or without condoms

Another “fact” that gets passed around is that condoms ruin sex – with people saying
they can’t feel anything, that stopping to put a condom on ruins the mood, or that
condoms are the government’s way of telepathically tapping into your mind and
controlling your thoughts. That’s why GUM clinics give out free condoms, and
they’re always banging on about how to put a condom on in sexed classes. But is sex
really better without condoms?

Unless you’re using condom technology from 400 years go – with a condom made
from linen, tortoise shell or animal horn – it’s unlikely you’ll feel nothing. Latex
condoms are typically about 0.06mm thick – that’s not exactly all terrain tire rubber.
And there are options for even thinner condoms, should you feel the extra 0.01 of a
millimetre is ruining your mojo.

Though there are complaints about latex’s low capacity for conducting eat – stopping
that intimate exchange of warm that some people clearly feel passionately about.
Polyurethane condoms have gained a bit of a cult following because of their great
ability to conduct heat – so there’s that option if latex condoms are a serious turn off.
Get some condom samples and check this out.

And if that weren’t enough, condom manufactures have done their upmost not just to
minimise the extent that condoms interfere with unprotected sex, but ad a bunch of
crazy features to enhance your sexual exploits. From ribbing to microdots, warming,
cool, an extensive range of unlikely flavours (durian fruit, anyone?), even vibrating
rims, there are condom brands that will have invented something to tickle your
fancy…or whatever else you want tickled.

But where condoms really win out in improving sex is preventing pregnancy and the
spread of STIs. Riding a string of strangers bareback might have a certain appeal,
but when you come down with some affliction that makes every trip to the bathroom
an eye-watering ordeal, and your intimate regions begin to develop some new
colours and shapes that would get Picasso interested in a few still life sessions, you
may start to wonder if your adventures wouldn’t have been improved with some
simple precaution. And with condoms being the only form of birth control that can
protect you against sexually transmitted infections. That really does sound like an

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