Dienstag, 15. November 2011

Where can I buy condoms?

Most of us probably remember the first time we had to buy condoms. Going into the local pharmacy or supermarket, wandering about among breakfast cereals, frozen peas, pet food, toilet paper, until you got to a birth control section filled with brightly coloured boxes, most of them with a Durex logo, with strange pictures and names that didn’t seem to have much to do with sex, as far as you could make out (a counch? A feather? What do these guys get up to?)

Then, once you’ve made a more or less random selection, based upon some cryptic description on the back of the box and whichever one had the least threatening picture, shuffling up to the checkout. Then realising on the way that just striding into your local convenience shop and slamming down a box of condoms on the checkout might be a little strange, you look around for some other stuff to get – which is really beginning to make this an expensive outing, as it’s not like you can get condoms cheap in the first place. So you grab whatever’s to hand. But then, as you queue up, you realise that this might actually make the situation a whole lot weirder. If you’ve managed to pick up some items that seem sensible together, you might just get away with it – cereal, milk and condoms? Seems like you’ve got a pleasant and pretty civilised morning planned…or at least that you’re being sensible enough not to let your shenanigans get in the way of a square breakfast. Cat food, a box of matches and condoms? Might raise some eyebrows.   

Whatever decoy items you wind up grabbing, sooner or later you’ve got a show down with the cashier. And even if they’re the friendliest person you could hope to meet, you can’t avoid some sense of awkwardness – this stuff is a personal matter, after all.

Maybe in the passing years the whole experience has got easier, to the point you don’t even notice any more. But maybe some of the weirdness remains…

Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of weirdness of the condom buying experience. With sites such as Vinico you can buy condoms online, discretely, without having to weigh up the advantages of bananas vs frozen chips, or getting lost among the baby isle (which, lets face it, if you’re buying contraception is somewhere you really don’t want to be). But not only is it quicker and easier, the selection is far greater, and you get better descriptions of exactly what features each condom has – including the ability to search by category, size and type. So, unless you really need that cereal, it’s got to be better to buy condoms online.

Actually there is a very funny german film, what could happen, when you buy condoms offline :-)

Have fun:

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