Montag, 14. November 2011

Buying Condoms online - Is buying condoms online safe?

Anybody who has gone on Ebay and tried to buy a Ferrari, the brief case from Pulp Fiction, or the Holy Grail, is probably pretty suspicious about online purchases. And it makes sense to exercise some caution when buying anything on the internet – especially when buying anything as important as condoms online. Skimping on quality on those budget batteries is one thing, but bargain basement contraception may not turn out to be the smart money saving choice they were advertised as. So it’s important you pick a website that you can trust, rather than just trying to get condoms cheap.

There’s loads of benefits when you buy condoms online – increased choice, better value for money and not having to stare down the knowing smirks of pharmacy cashiers. And as long as you’re sensible about where you shop online, you can avoid the horrors of internet fraud by sticking to reputable, safe online retailers.

Look out for seals, such as VeriSign and the Trusted Shops Guarantee. Sites pay to be audited to qualify for these seals, and can only display them if they abide by rules of good practice - such as ensuring product quality and protecting your bank details. It’s also worth checking out a website’s About section and contact details. If you can’t find a physical address for the retailers, you should be on guard. Some basic research is helpful in verifying a site’s trustworthiness. Entering the site name and other words like “scam” and “fraud” can turn up any unscrupulous dealings they may have had with other online customers. And, most obviously, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A thousand condoms for a fiver? Probably not legit. A little common sense can go a long way. You might even be able to get condom samples from the site, which you can quality-test yourself.

As long as you go to a safe online retailer, you won’t have any trouble if you buy condoms online. Any decent condom store will mail them in secure, discrete packaging, straight to your door – which has got to be safer than a packet that’s been sat on a super market shelf at the mercy of any prankster with a sharp pin and a twisted sense of humour. Exercise a little caution, and buying condoms online is perfectly safe.

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