Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

How to use a Condom?

You should always have condoms handy. Nothing is more of a turn-off than having to stop and look for a condom during foreplay.

1. OpenTear open the seal carefully along the jagged edge. But be careful: You can easily damage the condom with sharp objects such as fingernails and jewelry. Something else: Condoms will only stay fresh and usable as long as the package has not been opened or damaged. 

2. Here we goHold the reservior tip with your thumb and index finger to prevent any air bubbles. Pull your foreskin back slightly and then roll the condom from the reservoir tip completely over the stiff penis. .

Very important: Roll the condom over your stiff penis before any contact of the penis and vagina. If your condom does not unroll easily, the rolling direction is wrong! But don't just turn the condom over and unroll ( there is a risk of premature sperm contact) simply take a new condom and pay attention to the rolling direction.

3. Pheeew the aftermathIf your penis relaxes after ejaculation, whilst holding the condom down onto the penis at the shaft, gently pull your penis out of the vagina. Like this you prevent any slippage of the condom.

Always note: Always check the expiry date on the package. After expiration you should not use the condom. Keep condoms cool, dry and protected from heat and direct sunlight.

Careful:We advise you from the use of additional lubricants based on organic fat and / or oily products, such as Vaseline, baby oils, body lotions, massage oils and edible fats. They attack the condom and therefore let it rip faster. If you use lubricants they must be approved for the use with condoms by the manufacturer. When using vaginal suppositories please note the instructions. In case you use prescription or prescription-free medication on your penis or vagina (cremes, gels) please ask your doctor or pharmacist about the compatibility of the medication with a condom. If you wear intimate jewelry during intercourse, the risk of damage to the condom is increased.

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