Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

Condoms - How are "rubbers" made?

Condom. Ever wonder how condoms get made?
As you've probably figured, most "rubbers" are made from exactly that - rubber harvested from trees in West Africa, Southeast Asia or South America. This wasn't always the case. In previous centuries materials like linen, animal intestines and even tortoise shell were used to produce condoms - providing varying levels of effectiveness and, we can only guess, comfort. We suggest you don't try this at home.

For modern condoms, the rubber is treated with different substances to improve the condom's strength and stability, such as zinc oxide, postassium laurate, amonia and sulfur. It's then added to water to create a water-rubber suspension, called latex. The latex is put in vats below a conveyor belt that dips moulds (know as "formers") into the liquid rubber. The coat is left to dry, before a second and then maybe a third coat is added, depending on how thick the condom needs to be.

Once they've dried, a brush runs down the base of the formers to roll the ends of the condoms into that rim found at the condom's opening. Then the moulds pass through a tunnel oven, where the heat strengthens the rubber and
makes it less sticky. And at last the condoms pass a quality test to make sure that they are produced without holes :-)

Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

The 12 golden Condom tips

Our top tips for useing condoms:

Tip 1: Condom protection 
When used correctly, condoms are the safest contraceptive. Condoms are the only contraceptive that men can apply themselves, and only the condom offers protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The pill only protects against pregnancy and not HIV and AIDS.

Tip 2: Buying Condoms
You can order condoms at Vinico – The world of condoms online and anonymously. We aim to get the condoms to your door within 24 hours. Unlike pharmacies, drug stores, department stores, supermarkets and some petrol stations where condoms can also be bought, at Vinico you have the advantage of choosing from 150 different types of condoms ranging from S to XL. By comparison, most of the time you will only find around five different types of condoms in pharmacies and ten to fifteen in drug stores. 10 standard condoms cost between 5 and 6 Euros. Invest 10-20 cents more per condom and you will get a wider range of unique condoms with extras available ( such as warming effect - cooling effect, etc).Only use approved brand manufactures with a quality seal (eg, the CE marking with a number of the approved testing), and also take note of the expiry date.

Tip 3: Find the right Condom In order for the condom to stay on properly and not slip you should pay careful attention to the width when choosing a condom. Most condoms are 52 mm wide (standard size). There are also smaller and wider condoms available. At Vinico you will find the brand My.Size. My.Size is a condom brand made to
fit your penis, with 6 different sizes available from 47 to 64mm. The online condom adviser on Vinico.com searches from a wide range of condoms for the right one for you, try them out and see which one fits best. At Vinico you will find various sample sets. Your condom should fit smoothly and have little or no creases. Other than that, the condom should also rest against your penis tightly (especially at the shaft).The condom should not strangle your penis, otherwise it’s no fun and you can have erection problems with condoms. Watch out for safe handling, especially when pulling out. When you pull the penis from the vagina after orgasm, hold the condom firmly to prevent it from sliding off.

Tip 4: Be careful when opening the seal
You should tear open the condom package gently with your fingers. Long finger nails, rings or piercings can cut the condom accidentally. You should not open the package with scissors. Use a new condom if the package is already damaged before you open it. Safety first.

Tip 5: Proper condom use

In each pack of condoms you will find instructions for the proper use of condoms, or check out the instructions here. You may only use condoms once. At best you should practice using a condom before your ‘first time’, trying one alone or with a partner during petting.

Tip 6: Foreplay and aftermath caution
Foreplay: Sperm can leave the penis even before ejaculation. Therefore you should always put a condom on before the first contact with the vagina. If you just doing petting you can use a bigger condom, this is very comfortable and loose. After taking the condom off the penis, it is possible for semen to get on your fingers and stay on your penis. Therefore you should make sure if you have further sex that no semen gets in contact with the vagina. Ideally you should briefly wash your hands and penis to get rid of all the semen. Only use condoms once.

Tip 7: Have a latex allergy? - change to plastic

Most condoms are made from latex (rubber). If you have an allergic reaction to latex, there are special condoms you can buy made from plastic (polyurethane). Products can be found here.
Tip 8: Use water soluble lubricant
Fat and oil based products (e.g. lotions, creams, Vaseline, medications or ointments used in the genital area) attack the condom and take away its strength. If you want to use lubricants make sure it is water soluble and suitable to be used with condoms. At Vinico all the lubricants are suitable for use with condoms. In the lubricant section you will find something to suit every requirement.

Tip 9: Keeping condoms safe
Condoms should not be exposed to heat for a long period of time or be left lying around in the sun. This allows condoms to leak. If you want to use a condom in a sauna, this is fine When the condom is used for a few minutes in the sauna it won’t be damaged by the heat. Some sex educators, teachers and self appointed experts recommend that condoms should not be kept in your pocket or purse as they can be damaged there. If the condom is kept in your purse or pocket for a long period of time, the safety of the condom becomes questionable. However, if the condom is put there for a few hours or a couple of days, very little can happen to it. We suggest: It’s better to be prepared and have a condom in your trouser pocket or wallet, than to do without the condom, because men don’t have much space in their clothing to keep condoms (especially in Summer). Small jars or something similar is useful for protecting condoms from getting damaged in a handbag.

Tip 10: Always have condoms on you

Always take enough of your preferred brand condoms in your luggage when going on holiday because they may not be sold in every country, and the local alternatives may not be as good or as safe. Vinico can deliver condoms to your holiday location.

Tip 11: Always use a condom when having sex with a new partner.

We recommend you always use a condom with a new partner or a partner you don’t know very well. Condoms are the only contraceptive that protects against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Tip 12: Condoms = Passion killer?
Some men find condoms annoying because they must be put onto the penis before sexual intercourse and therefore interrupting the love making. In this time the penis could go limp or you get embarrassed in front of your partner because you struggle putting on the condom. Our tip: Practice makes perfect. Practise putting condoms on quickly and efficiently on your own, so in the heat of the moment there won’t be any problems.

How to use a Condom?

You should always have condoms handy. Nothing is more of a turn-off than having to stop and look for a condom during foreplay.

1. OpenTear open the seal carefully along the jagged edge. But be careful: You can easily damage the condom with sharp objects such as fingernails and jewelry. Something else: Condoms will only stay fresh and usable as long as the package has not been opened or damaged. 

2. Here we goHold the reservior tip with your thumb and index finger to prevent any air bubbles. Pull your foreskin back slightly and then roll the condom from the reservoir tip completely over the stiff penis. .

Very important: Roll the condom over your stiff penis before any contact of the penis and vagina. If your condom does not unroll easily, the rolling direction is wrong! But don't just turn the condom over and unroll ( there is a risk of premature sperm contact) simply take a new condom and pay attention to the rolling direction.

3. Pheeew the aftermathIf your penis relaxes after ejaculation, whilst holding the condom down onto the penis at the shaft, gently pull your penis out of the vagina. Like this you prevent any slippage of the condom.

Always note: Always check the expiry date on the package. After expiration you should not use the condom. Keep condoms cool, dry and protected from heat and direct sunlight.

Careful:We advise you from the use of additional lubricants based on organic fat and / or oily products, such as Vaseline, baby oils, body lotions, massage oils and edible fats. They attack the condom and therefore let it rip faster. If you use lubricants they must be approved for the use with condoms by the manufacturer. When using vaginal suppositories please note the instructions. In case you use prescription or prescription-free medication on your penis or vagina (cremes, gels) please ask your doctor or pharmacist about the compatibility of the medication with a condom. If you wear intimate jewelry during intercourse, the risk of damage to the condom is increased.